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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Journal Entry #9

Beatboxing is a vocal percussion that is a part of hip hop but can be applied to any genre of music. Apparently it is inspired by jazz scatting and is considered an instrument alike. According to a brief history of beatboxing from a site about BeatBoxing Day, it states that modern beatboxing started by New York artists including Doug E. Fresh and Darren Robinson. I've had the pleasure to watch Rahzel from The Roots beatbox, and his range of noises and sounds were unbelievable. I have tried to learn how to beatbox through friends. The first three sounds that people learn are the bass, snare and hi hat. These sounds reference the main components of a drum kit and can be arranged in so many different combinations.

This is a freestyle beatboxing video of Canada's top beatboxer, Scott Jackson. I've witnessed him beatbox numerous times through events and working alongside him. He can go on forever and really knows how to hype a crowd. I think beatboxing is probably the most accessible hip hop element because it doesn't require money or space to do it. Beatboxing can travel with you wherever you go and is a way of expression through sound.

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